Born To Cum

In Born To Cum, Kiko, who personally admires the way of the Geisha, picks a Geisha fantasy to bring a dude to a messy, happy ending.

Kiko Lee has a pair of the biggest areolae you could ever find, 4.5 inches in diameter. That’s amazing, especially in a girl with Asian genes.

Kiko said she banged former baseball star Pete Rose. Guess he digs Asians because he later married a smokin’ hot Korean babe who was born when Rose turned 40.

“He came to me. I was walking around Vegas shopping. He had his manager and one of his bodyguards come get me, and they said, ‘Pete Rose wants to meet you.’ I was looking at them like they were nuts, and it turned out that he did. So I figured, ‘Why not?’ even though he’s a lot older than me, so I met him and talked to him, and that night we went to dinner. Then we went back to his condo and had sex.”